Spousal Support

A spousal support award is not mandatory in dissolution or legal separation proceedings.  Courts have discretion (within statutory parameters) to award or deny spousal support or to limit it in an amount and duration that reflects the ability of both parties to provide for their own needs.

The propriety of a spousal support award is judged broadly by the parties’ circumstances, with regard to the standard of living established during their marriage and their respective needs and abilities to pay.

Examples of Spousal Support in California

For example, the facts and the equities in one case may call for no spousal support, or for very short-term support for the purpose of financially assisting one spouse in the transition to single status. At the other end of the spectrum spousal support may be ordered where the purpose is to provide financial assistance to the supported spouse until the death of one of the spouses. One example of when that may occur, is in a long term marriage where the supported spouse is not able to generate income from employment or assets.

Permanent spousal support is a determination made by the trial court in each case, based on the facts and equities of that case, weighing each of the circumstances or guidelines as specified by the Legislature in Family Code Section 4320.

Temporary Spousal Support serves a purpose entirely different from permanent spousal support.  In temporary support orders, the factors of Family Code Section 4320 are not controlling

Child Support

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California Child Support Determined under Statewide Guidelines

The amount of child support is determined under statewide guidelines.  The formula is based on the gross incomes of the parties, the amount of time the child spends with each parent, the cost of child care and certain other factors, such as health insurance and other children that are living with each of the parents.

Child support needs change over the course of time and may be precipitated by the loss of a job, the evolving needs of growing children, and other changes that may occur incident to or after a divorce.

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