Link has helped thousands of people in the Greater Los Angeles area to obtain definitive answers in paternity cases.  As a highly experienced, seasoned attorney, Link provides a clear and rational approach to your legal problem with the skill necessary to bring you the results you require.

Paternity arises when the parties were never married to each other, and are the parents of a child.  Sometimes, the mother or the father will file a Petition To Establish Parental Relationship of a child.  Once paternity is established the court will make decision on the issues of child custody, child support and visitation.

How the Law Offices of Link Schwartz Handle Paternity Cases in California

Sometimes parentage itself is at issue.  We will request DNA results so that you know that you are the Father of the child.

Although a paternity action characteristically is less time consuming and addresses fewer issues than a divorce proceeding, it can still be a highly contested proceeding that requires an aggressive approach.

When and wherever appropriate, we also seek to mediate to resolve these issues, to save you the emotional and financial strain of litigation.

We will help you set your goals, and zealously represent you to reach those goals.