Domestic Violence

As a Certified Family Law Specialist, with 25 years of experience, Link has successfully brought and defended Temporary and Permanent Restraining Orders.

Link realizes emotions run high when these serious events happen, and her dedicated and caring staff will help you navigate through this litigation process.

Quite often, a physical assault such as: Assault and Battery, Marital Rape, Wrongful Death, False Imprisonment, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress will arise from a domestic violence incident, giving rise to a Domestic Tort.

Link has the experience and ability to immediately stop the harm(s) that you have suffered and she has the legal skill to bring these lawsuits for damages for the harm you have endured.

Financial Harm Involving Fraud, Theft and Custodial Rights

Sometimes the harm you may have suffered at the hand of your significant other is not physical, but rather financial.  These cases involve Fraud, Theft or Misappropriation of Community or Separate Assets, Interference with Custodial Rights and Parental Kidnapping.

Link has history of tackling these tough cases and her clients have enjoyed successful outcomes.

Link will tell you your rights and fight for your rights.