Link Schwartz has 25 years of experience in the practice of Family Law and she is certified by the California State Board of Specialization as a Certified Family Law Specialist.  Link has successfully handled divorces that included restaurants, medical practices, dental practices, law firms, intellectual property, real estate businesses, cosmetic companies, manufacturing companies, software companies, financial wealth management firms, parking lot owners, jewelers, artists, entertainers, professional athletes, and fitness studios, throughout the state of California.

If there is no Premarital Agreement in California Regarding Businesses

Where any of these businesses exist and there is no Premarital Agreement, the business needs to be valued.  That includes and is not limited to: accounting for inventory, accounts receivable, fixtures, leases and the building(s), if owned.  These matters can be complex and involve other business professionals, including business appraisers and forensic accountants.  Link has the experience and sophisticated knowledge required to effectively cross-examine the other side’s experts in litigation if no compromise can be made.

If the business interest was owned prior to marriage, part of the value of the business is separate property, and the rest is community property. Link has years of experience litigating this issue and identifying the tax consequences that arise.

Complex Marital Property Issues in Divorce

The high value of many private homes in Los Angeles County and the often complex marital property issues involved in a divorce requires very careful attention.  Link devotes much of her practice to resolving or litigating real estate issues in divorce and achieving excellent outcomes in the division of property.

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