Cohabitation Agreements in Los Angeles & Southern California

Link Schwartz has drafted thousands of Cohabitation Agreements during her 26 years in practice in Los Angeles, for parties throughout the State of California.

The ability of couples of the same and different genders to enter into cohabitation agreements arises from many situations.  For example, some parties may not be able to marry because they are not divorced yet; or one of the parties may be receiving benefits based on a prior marriage and those benefits would be lost if they were to remarry; and sometimes people are not sure whether or not they want to marry and would rather live together and keep it simple.

Parties who are not married are able to agree to financial matters in Cohabitation Agreements.  Who pays what.  What happens if the relationship is dissolved.  What debts are paid and by whom?  Does one party reimburse the other, and for what?

What if one of the parties is financially dependent on the other party?  The financially dependent party will rely on the other party for financial security.  That party will probably wish to share in the accumulations of the parties during the time they lived together, and to receive support, even after the relationship ends.

Agreements regarding personal financial matters between two unmarried parties residing togther  as a couple are generally enforceable.

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